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Before we know it, we have been working to prevent the spread of infectious diseases for more than two years, but it feels like things continue to come in that make us feel cheerful for the first time in a while, such as the arrival of overseas artists and information on summer festivals and other events. I want to get through this summer safely and enjoyably.

This time I will talk about the book!!

Colpa Press is a San Francisco-based publisher run by Luca Antonucci and David Kasprzak, who are both artists . We have released many fun works, but this time we will introduce a little about the charm of the ever-popular series "Rave Flyers" .

Rave flyers images

To briefly explain what this art book is about, it is a flyer that reflects the spirit of large-scale parties (raves) held in the 1990s with a spirit of explosive dancing until the morning. This is a tightly packed collection book. (For more information on rave culture, experts have posted a variety of information on the Internet. Please take a look.)

The trademark is the very eye-catching neon color. It's nice and easy to understand that it's divided by host city.

A series of catchy designs that I can thoroughly enjoy even though I spent my childhood in the 90's and didn't grow up with rave culture. This series seemed cool to me, but people who were involved in graphics at the time saw it in different ways depending on generation and environment, such as ``nostalgic'' and ``uncool!!''
Rave flyers 01

Rave Flyers 02
You can use it as a reference for fonts and designs, dig into the details of the party, think it's somehow cool, feel nostalgic about it, or enjoy it with a variety of prior knowledge. This is an extremely catchy book that can be enjoyed from any angle, with any force, and in any way.

La Ruta del Bakalao - Museo del Remember (1985-2012)
The latest work in the series , "La Ruta del Bakalao - Museo del Remember (1985-2012)" focuses on the Valencia region on Spain's Mediterranean coast. It has a new look, and the content is much more complete, making it more than just a collection book. Please also take a look.

The things you collect now may become even more interesting if you let them sit for 30 years◎

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