Music for 〇〇 times Vol.5

2022 is already here, and it's already June. I feel like I'm saying this every month every year, but what do you all think? This blog seemed to be off to a good start, but I realized that I had neglected to update it for several months. This is the result of our motto of "updating effortlessly and happily." It seems that a certain level of smackiness is important in order to continue doing anything.

This may be a sudden question, but have you been taking deep breaths lately? I feel like I take shallow, shallow breaths unless I'm conscious of it. Just as we tend to forget the deliciousness of water and hot water just because it tastes bland, many people also forget about breathing.

This time, despite being afraid of being scolded by breathing experts, I decided to pick out music that I would like to listen to while "enjoying my breathing."

n kramer & j foerster - tactile interactions (2CS)
n kramer & j foerster - tactile interactions

This is a healing work with an amazing concept that goes beyond breathing. Coexistence of “amazing” and “healing”. For more details, please refer to the product page.This release is from <Objects & Sounds> , ​​a company based in Ghent, Belgium that produces works that dissolve the boundaries between matter and sound. One of the two tracks is about 20 minutes of soothing sounds of vibraphone and synthesizer that you wish would never stop. It's so soft that it feels like someone is caressing the inside of your ear with a moderately soft cotton stick. For better or worse, there is none of the shady smell that tends to be found in soothing sounds. It's just comfortable. The other one uses field recordings to create abstract yet gentle sounds. Furthermore, the B-side of each track contains tracks that play those two simultaneously. I think you can enjoy breathing without any interference.

Gonçalo F. Cardoso - Impressões de Outra Ilha (Borneo) (LP)
Gonçalo F. Cardoso - Impressões de Outra Ilha (Borneo)
A work released by label owner Gonçalo F. Cardoso from <Discrepant> , which disseminates frontier experimental music. Although Sapporo is small, it contains sounds from the farthest reaches of the world that are hard to come by when living in a big city. I'm tired of work! I know it's fun, but I don't want to have a drinking party! Just let me stay at home! Nature sounds will instantly transport you to a mysterious vacation. The immersive field recording of nature, combined with relaxing synthesizers, will free you from the fatigue of living in the city ◎ Lie down with your arms outstretched, raise the temperature and humidity of the room a little, and the usual air might taste a little better. I don't know.

Olli Aarni - Loput (LP)
Olli Aarni - Loput
A drone piece by Finnish sound artist Olli Aarni. I am listening to it as the best drone of the first half of 2022. Not too fierce, not too light, not too scary, not too gentle, it supports a calm mind with a comfortable sense of speed and waves of stimulation. The sound is perfect for stretching, taking deep breaths, and other things to help you concentrate. It's a sound that makes you want to bathe your entire body in a sound that sounds like a large undulating river, with a double structure (??) that makes you feel the sound of fine sand flowing through the sound. You'll feel as if your space has been instantly absorbed into a large sphere.◎

The usual air feels a little nicer, and the futon feels soft.

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