Music for 〇〇 times Vol.2

March has arrived, spring is approaching, and the season is nearing its end. Skiing.
Skiing is a familiar winter sport for Hokkaido residents, with some schools including skiing as part of their physical education class. Even as adults, while there are people who enjoy skiing peacefully with friends, couples, and families, there are also many undesirable skiers who have no choice but to be brought along, or who are unable to ski well due to company.

So this time, we've picked out music that those reluctant skiers would like to listen to on their way to skiing.

Shapes/ Beyond Reflection (CS)
Shapes - Beyond Reflection
A song from <Umor-Rex> , which releases experimental and ambient music based in Mexico . A cool work with a Kraut-like inorganic, minimal, and cosmic sound, composed entirely of synthesizer tones. It will hold close to your heart, even if it is empty. Although I don't feel like it, I leave home. The first song "Benzin" has a sense of beginning and battle, and the feeling of something steadily approaching is also perfect. Starting with the fifth title song, "Beyond Reflection," the album is lined up with songs that are neither too negative nor too encouraging, but instead give a sense of strong support for the mission that is calmly approaching. the work. Basically it seems to be suitable not only for skiing but also when you don't feel like it.

Reymour/ Leviosa (LP)
Reymour - Leviosa

A pop album with a somewhat relaxed atmosphere, looseness, gentleness, and perverseness. This also supports you when you are reluctant with a good push on your back. The fourth song, "Au Rythme de l'Ennui," has a floaty sound with no bass except for the kick, and you can't help but feel like you're floating a few centimeters in the air, making you forget that you don't like skiing at all. The following song, "Six Pouces," is an instrumental track that perfectly stirs up nostalgia, saying , "Everything was fun back then..." By the time you arrive, I'm sure you'll have taken a step back and thought , ``Okay, that's okay...'' The weather is so rough that I feel like I won't be able to ski much after all.

Erik Wøllo/ Silver Beach (2LP)

Erik Wøllo - Silver Beach A 1986 work by veteran Norwegian electronic musician Erik Wøllo. Spacey and realistic electronic music with a classical atmosphere that feels a bit dated. The first song "Four" is already the best. I was depressed and thinking that I don't like it, but I suddenly went into ski mode!! In the following songs, "Panorama" and "Mountain Train", the images of me skiing down the mountain and the snowy mountains overlapped in my mind. The image training is also perfect. In contrast, songs such as "Lakeside" and "The Wintergarden Ethereal" that show the harshness of nature are well-balanced and have a good amount of tension without being too timid. Looks like I'll be able to get through the day.

Even if it doesn't feel right at all, I hope it will lead to a new perspective, some kind of opportunity, or discovery. The next update will be in about two weeks (?). If you have any opinions on themes or situations, please feel free to let us know ◎

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