Music for 〇〇 times Vol.1

It's one thing to have fun while accumulating a variety of knowledge, but this blog introduces the theme of enjoying music as easily and intuitively as possible without thinking about difficult things. I'm sure there are various opinions, but this is my completely biased introduction. Thank you for your understanding!!

Well, everyday life is always a series of things, so I'd like to introduce music that casually imagines various situations, regardless of the original intention of the piece.

For our memorable first episode, we picked up music from the time when ``just when I was about to go home, it turned into a blizzard.''

Broshuda/ Contemplative Figuration (LP)
Broshuda/ Contemplative Figuration artwork

A work released in September 2020 from the experimental music label <Soda Gong> in Cincinnati, Ohio . The first song, "Kakigori," opened with a shower-like noise that completely changed the calm atmosphere for about 1 minute and 40 seconds. Even though it was sunny just a moment ago, I felt like... By the third song, "Cypher," they got used to the blizzard a little, and moved forward smoothly while feeling the beat. The slightly melancholy melody of the 5th song "Leg" made me fall in love with the blizzard, which showed no signs of letting up. break. In the seventh song, "Pagoda (feat. Manta)," they regain their motivation and start walking again with the beat. This is a piece that seems to have just the right flow. There is no guarantee that you will reach home safely at the end, and there is no clear happy mood from beginning to end, but it is good that it does not give too much hope or stir up anxiety more than necessary. Looks like it would fit perfectly on the way home in a blizzard◎

Fluence/ Fluence (LP)
Fluence/ Fluence artwork

A 1975 work by French avant-toy pop master Pascal Comrad, who is essentially his first album under the name Fluence. Reissued in 2020 by <États-Unis>, a sublabel of San Francisco's reissue label <Superior Viaduct> . The first song, "A Few Reasons To Stay / A Few Reasons To Split," is a kaleidoscope of dazzling arpeggios, wrapped in a dreamy, spacey sound that melts away, a scene that's as if you were blinded by a blizzard. . They took a brief break with the second song, "Barcelona Tango," which had a feel of the style of Pascal Comrad. The next masterpiece, "Schizo", which lasts over 20 minutes, returns to the heavy snowy field. A blizzard... When you're walking in shock, you can hear the emotional guitar that sounds like it's playing comfortably. I arrived while I was getting excited as I gradually felt like I was being supported . Even though I just arrived home, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Cheryl E. Leonard/ Schism (CS)
Cheryl E. Leonard/Schism

From <Mappa Editions>, which releases edgy experimental music based in Slovakia. A noise music concrete piece by Cheryl E. Leonard, a California-based sound artist who is a composer, performer, and hardcore sound explorer who uses natural objects as instruments. The title song "Schism" is about 20 minutes long on the A side. As I continued to walk for a while, surrounded by noises that gave the illusion that I was completely alone in a blizzard with poor visibility and no radio waves, I heard a sound that sounded like a flute and the sound of an animal. It wasn't long before I was back in the sea of ​​noise, but then I found myself in the forest...where on earth did I end up? . On the B side, you can enjoy the sound recorded by putting a microphone in a bottle. Walking through a blizzard with no visibility and surrounded by muffled noise from beginning to end, it feels like you're trapped in something you can't get out of. is. By the time I start hearing field recordings that sound like the seaside in the second half, I feel like I'm about to give up on going home.

We are always looking for themes and situations.
Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions :-)

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