To Have Several Lives
To Have Several Lives
zander raymond

To Have Several Lives

Format: CS

Label: sound as language

Cat No: SAL023

M.Sage主宰<Cashed Media>からのDan Derksとの共作も素晴らしかった、アーティストでシンセ奏者のZander Raymondが<sound as language>から登場。モジュラーシンセやオープンソースのサウンドソフトを用いて制作された、ドローイングのようなアブストラクトで心優しいサウンド。

Zander Raymond is an interdisciplinary artist and musician working in Chicago, IL. In his visual work, he improvises with found materials, tools, and images to make drawings, prints, and sculptures that question the idea of productivity in a studio environment and serve as an autobiographical record of experience. His music is similarly rooted in improvisation, utilizing modular synthesizers and open-source sound computers to sample, warp, and build sonic images that embrace non-linear approaches to composition. Since 2018, he has participated in numerous exhibitions as well as performances across Chicago.

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