Sans Chemin
Sans Chemin
Sans Chemin
L’Ocelle Mare

Sans Chemin

Format: LP/ CD

Label: Murailles Music/ Shelter Press

Cat No: Shelter136LP/ Shelter136CD
L’Ocelle Mare_Sans Chemin_フィーリングチャートフランス拠点の<Murailles Music>と<Shelter Press>による共同リリース。フランス・リベラック拠点のマルチ奏者Thomas BonvaletによるソロプロジェクトL’ocelle Mareの6枚目のアルバム。ギター、バンジョー、メトロノーム、携帯電話、シンセサイザーなどなど、楽器に限らずあらゆるものを使用した作品。Thomas Bonvalet自身が、何らかのものを通じて発している音がキャプチャされたような雰囲気のアブストラクトサウンド。実態を感じる音を楽しめる作品◎

Murailles Music and Shelter Press are thrilled to announce ‘Sans Chemin’, the new album of L’Ocelle Mare (MM028/SP136), out on october 8th, 2021 on LP/CD/Digital downloads.

A ritornello that awakens, unfolds, disappears, resurfaces, transforms, forgets itself, awakens again.
A ritornello in folds and hollows, which gives us something to see as well as to listen, a theatre of acoustic shadows where each timbre, each rhythm, each modulation, is born from a meticulously refined gesture. “I don’t write music, it’s an assemblage of gestural memories”, says Thomas Bonvalet. Gestures found, accidentally or not, through long practice: such keyboard rubs on such guitar while preparing a concert, such tambourine vibrates in a singular way when placed on such amp, the duration and intensity of breath given to the flute so that the strings of the open piano decline and reverberate the harmonics...
Gestures that are both very skilful and very simple, that sovereignly refuse the categories of modern and archaic, natural and cultural. Instead, they summon an entire genealogy, both intimate and collective, musical and technical, the memory of a thousand different pieces from a thousand different eras. There is no path, in fact, no path at all in this dismantled world.
There are, however, these gestures that allow us to search for the human measure, that allow for a new attention to be given to bodies, objects, space. Gestures that invent new relationships between themselves and other ways of being alive, gestures to be worked on and shared endlessly. “It’s fragile, it can always fall apart. I have to fight, to stay in tune with what is at stake in a piece, to breathe into it what will make it stand up.
And so the ritornello continues its mutations in the folds and hollows of our own memories.

Music : Thomas Bonvalet
Recording : Manuel Duval and Pierre-Henri Thiébaut*
Mastering : Manuel Duval
Photography : Thomas Bonvalet
Design : Bartolomé Sanson

© Shelter Press, Murailles Music

Electric guitar, classical guitar, six-string bass banjo, body percussion, mechanical and digital metronomes, switches, mobile phone, synthesizer, tambourines, drum skins, piano, flutes, microphones, mixing board, amps, noise gate.

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