Hidden Horse


Format: CS

Label: Holuzam

Cat No: ZAM026CS

ポルトガル・リスボンを拠点に活動するサイケバンドBeautify Junkyardsの一員João Branco Kyronと、90年代からコラボレーターとして親交のある作曲家Tony WattsによるデュオHidden Horseのファーストアルバムがリスボンの<Holuzam>から登場。クラウトロックリスペクトなスタイル、日常にSF的要素を添える一本。

The occult and folk music have been friends for a while. In the 21st century, hauntology and the resurface of some cult soundtracks from the 1970s and 1980s helped to create a new sense of folk, not associated with the typical acoustic feeling, but more relatable with library, krautrock/kosmische and industrial music. João Kyron and Tony Watts, long time collaborators since the late 1990s with their band Hipnótica, and more recently with Beautify Junkyards (Ghost Box) are well acquainted with this friendship. Hidden Horse is their new project as a duo and “Opala” their first release.

With eight tracks and almost thirty minutes, their first release explores dense and greyish urban utopias. The song titles explore ideas that mix sci-fi, horror, science, space and urban phobia, and the music Kyron and Watts create delivers, using electronics and drums with great relish. Their relationship as musicians, which spans more than two decades, can be felt in the way their music flows with a continuous dialogue.

“Opala” is always keen to take you to another dimension. It lives in its own twilight zone, where the obscure entangles the most obvious senses of reality. It sounds like Jacques Tati “Playtime” with a hauntology soundtrack: it kind of feels that this imaginary world is real, but it’s not. And it sucks you in to be a part of it and enjoy it: close your eyes and let yourself go while listening to “Levitação Magnética” or “Fantasmas do Planeta”. You will feel like a foreigner in a new city. 

Music by JB Kyron, Tony Watts
Recorded by JB Kyron
Mixed by Artur David
Mastered by Ars Lindeberg
Artwork by Marta Ramos

通常価格 ¥1,650 ¥1,650 単価 あたり