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Animation 1998-2018 vhs
Animation 1998-2018 vhs
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Amy Lockhart

Animation 1998-2018 vhs

アニメーターAmy Lockhartの、1998-2008に製作したアニメーションや映像作品を収録。NY拠点の気鋭のアートレーベル<RANDOM MAN EDITIONS>からのリリース。

"Decades ago, something that I once knew as 'Doodle Art' came to new life under Amy Lockhart's masterful grip. Eschewing the pretense of many Experimental Filmmakers sharing her precision, Amy conjured a new style of animated chaos and covered it in ice cream. This is work that tackles the most haunting trappings of the human condition, but does so with levity and grace. It reminds me that, while life is deadly serious and balanced on a thread, I can't forget to laugh."

-Peter Burr


20 years of hand drawn animation , digital and live action video by a cartoon master.

Published in Spring 2018
Edition of 50 VHS and 50 DVD
Includes booklet

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