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Sam Gendel


Format: CS

Label: Leaving Records

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すっかり多作なイメージの人気サックス奏者Sam Gendelが<Leaving Records>から新作を発表。今回はRolandの電子管楽器AE-30にフォーカス、映像作家Marcella Cytrynowiczによるドキュメンタリーフィルム作品としてもリリースされている作品。アイスランドの大自然をクルージング、絶景を前に繰り広げられる変態的な演奏。これまでの作品に比べるとズブっとエクスペリメンタルで、フォーキーさもあるミステリアスな一本です◎

AE-30 is both a film and audio album of the 2021 Sam Gendel x Roland AE-30 / Aerophone / Pro Digital Wind Instrument documentary. In August, musician Sam Gendel and filmmaker Marcella Cytrynowicz traveled to Iceland and filmed Gendel performing the instrument in unique locations outdoors around the country - most locations remote and accessed only via their friend Viktor, a search-and-rescue volunteer for Iceland who expertly navigates the country's challenging terrain in his modified Toyota Land Cruiser. The full documentary film and audio companion album will be released December 8th 2021 via Leaving Records.

all sound Sam Gendel
performed on Roland AE-30 Aerophone Pro Digital Wind Instrument

image Marcella Cytrynowicz

label Leaving Records

special thanks Viktor Einar Vilhelmsson

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