Alejandro Morse


Format: CS

Label: Umor-Rex

Cat No: UR135CS

メキシコ拠点のドローン・アンビエント作家のEdgar MedinaによるプロジェクトAlejandro Morseがメキシコの実験的シンセレーベル<Umor-Rex>にカムバック!! 没入感満点の美しいドローンテクスチャーに、過剰な入力レベルオーバー的ジざらついたノイズが妙に心地よく、ノスタルジーともまた違う、言葉にできない部分を刺激するサウンド◎

“Stonewalling” offers a collection of electroacoustic pieces taking as input the Mexican vernacular music from the golden age of Mexican cinema of the first part of the 20th century. In those films, music was used as communication due their poor verbal communication-skills. This is an album about communication, about the impossibility to do so to resolve conflicts. In the technical side, some of the sources used as layering in the tracks come from radio frequencies taken from explorations into the software-defined radio universe, mixed with microphone feedbacks, oscillators, and random textures with field-recordings. In the melodic/harmonic structures of the tracks, the main instrument used is a classical guitar with hyper-processed chords using DSP tools. "Stonewalling”, in some way, follows to 444 (Umor Rex, 2019), serving as a Morse's follow-up into the Mexican vernacular music expeditions.

Produced by Alejandro Morse (Edgar Medina) in Léon, México. Mastered by Edgar Medina. Photos & design by Daniel Castrejón.

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