Quietude EP
Nailah Hunter

Quietude EP

Format: 12"

Label: Leaving Records

Cat No: LR198

Harp accompaniment cover!!!! Multi-instrumentalist Ami Dang, who releases on <Leaving Records> and <Ehse Records> , healing musician Olive Ardizoni aka Green-House, father of Bauhaus/Love And Lockets member Kevin Haskins, Yialmelic Frequencies Nailah Hunter, a harpist and vocalist who is also active as Galdre Visions with Diva Dompe and others, who is also known as Diva Dompe, has released an EP of cover songs performed on the harp. Announced by <Leaving Records> !!!  The cult folk song "Come Wander With Me" from the final episode of The Twilight Zone, "Guinevere" by Donovan, and "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" which is the last song on Radiohead's guitar rock masterpiece "The Bends" are included on the single. Cover of "Talk Show Host"!! The vinyl version has a bonus track added!! The artwork is silk screened!! It's perfect!!

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