Domotic - Morton(SiblingSongs)And Other Descriptions (CS) 表
Domotic - Morton(SiblingSongs)And Other Descriptions (CS) 裏

Morton (Sibling Songs) And Other Descriptions

Format: CS

Label: Kythibong

Cat No: -

A collection of unreleased songs recorded at the same time that were not included in the LP "Descriptions Of An Unfolding Event" released at the same time is now available on cassette in a limited edition of 50!!! He is a sound artist, engineer, and a versatile artist who also creates collage works. DOMOTIC, a solo project by producer Stéphane Laporte, is now available on the French-based underground label <Kythibong> . Since releasing their electronic first album Bye Bye in 2002, DOMOTIC has released works with drastically different styles with each album.This time, they have released a melodic ambient album that seems to be an extension of psych-pop and krautrock. Contains sound sources recorded between 2017 and 2021. A good album that outputs influences from various fields as pop and ambient music◎

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