Lullaby & Drum Machine
Lullaby & Drum Machine
Klara Kristin

Lullaby & Drum Machine

Format: LP

Label: Not on Label

Cat No: KK01(2nd Edition)
Klara Kristin_Lullaby & Drum Machine_Feeling Chart A collection of French song covers by Paris-based actress and musician Klara Kristin, who also appears in Gaspard Noé's 2015 film "LOVE 3D." Made in 2020. The A-side is a soft acoustic track, while the B-side features a light, retro atmosphere using drum machines and other instruments. Long-awaited repress limited to 500 copies◎

An album by Klara Kristin filled with new versions of old French songs from the iconic 1960's and 70's era. Produced by Jonathan Bremer and Johannes Wamberg.

Face A is acoustic lullabies and face B is characterized by retro drum machines from the 70s.

Limited to 500 copies

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