High desert

High desert

White Sage

"High Desert Blend" has a floral and wild scent inspired by the scenery of New Mexico.
Blended with white sage, which has been used as a purifying item since ancient times, it is recommended for relaxing, studying, and creative activities. Refresh your body and mind◎

<Zouz Natural Incense> handcrafts corn incense using high-quality natural ingredients such as herbs, plants, resins, wood powders, and essential oils. We do not use combustion accelerators that are often used in instant incense, charcoal, unreliable sawdust, or petrochemical-derived fragrance oils made in factories.

8 pieces
Burning time: about 20 minutes
Scent duration: up to 8 hours

*Burning time and duration are approximate.
*Do not leave the area while the fire is on.
*When using, please use a non-flammable incense holder.

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