Heart Press
Heart Press
Heart Press
Tekla Peterson

Heart Press

Format: CS

Label: Geographic North

Cat No: GN68
Tekla Peterson_Heart Press_Feeling Chart From Atlanta's experimental music label <Geographic North> . Taralie Peterson, an artist known for her work with Ka Baird in the unit Spires That In The Sunset Rise and who has released experimental works under the name Louise Bock on <Feeding Tube Records> and <Geographic North> , is now known as Tekla Peterson. Appeared in An operatic and emotional pop piece with smooth vocals and rich synth sounds. This is a book I would recommend to fans of Yoko Ono and other artists.

Forever an associate of the American avant-garde, Taralie Peterson has been baring her soul on outward-leaning recordings as a solo artist (as Louise Bock and Tar Pet) and with a dazzling array of collaborators (most notable and fruitfully with Ka Baird as Spires That in The Sunset Rise). The Madison, WI based musician now steps out as Tekla Peterson with Heart Press, a garishly gripping set of songs that simmer in a stew of heartbreak and survival. Put simply in Peterson's own words: “This music came from the fiery flames of pain from the ending of my 20 year relationship.”

Matching these previously uncharted emotional areas are Peterson's experiments with pop structures paired with fruitfully barren arrangements and vivid, pseudo-string textures. No polished ennui or overly gory details, just transcendent beauty and universal emotion.

The set opens with “Soda Pop Jam,” an eerily enchanted earworm that writhes in a sultry bed of melody and melancholy. “Swarm of Gnats” heightens the morbid musicality that drips onto a desolate dance floor littered with emotional detritus. “Cancel Out Effect ” offers a scruffy, operatic opus that traipses through a litany of confessions and castigations.

Casting things in an entirely different light, “Between a Rock” and closer “Count Out Shadows” bring a neon-lit, neo noir of nonchalance that perfectly pair in a downstream drift of sullen musings. “WWIB” is a cacophony of catharsis, a fever dream fugue that cycles into an infinite blur.

Heart Press presents the ultimate breakup album that devastates everything in its wake, but Peterson finds true beauty in the emotional valleys and eventual peaks with poise and prowess.

All music by Taralie Peterson except:
synth cello and additional percussion on Swarm of Gnats by Rob Jacobs
bass on Between a Rock by Rob Jacobs
additional drum arrangement and percussion on Between a Rock written by Bobby Conn

Music mixed and produced by Taralie Peterson and Rob Jacobs during the momentous year of 2020.

Much thx to Tracy Peterson and Rob Jacobs for supporting me spiritually and actively in making these songs a reality. Also additional thx to Bobby Conn, Ka Baird, Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Kelly Peterson, friends, and family who gave energy in support to this project.

And to AH who gave me 20 years of his life trying to love me.

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