Fruit Sweat Ecru
Geographic North

Fruit Sweat Ecru

アトランタ拠点の実験音楽レーベル<Geographic North>のスウェットが入荷!! 裏起毛!!  ランダムでダウンロードコードを同封いたします◎

身幅 21-3/44 22-3/4 24 
着丈 29-1/4 30-1/4 31-1/4

Heavy weight, 10.3 oz AS Colour sweatshirt in Black and Ecru. Re-seeded and re-harvested from our farm to your table.

  • Heavyweight construction
  • AS Colour 10.3 oz Cotton/Poly blend
  • Printed at Dangerpress in Atlanta, GA

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