Classic Parts
Classic Parts
Classic Parts
R.G. Studios

Classic Parts

Format: VHS

Label: Random Man Editions

Run by New York-based artist M. Jensen, who also releases art books from the San Francisco publisher Colpa Press, from Random Man Editions , an up-and-coming art label that releases VHS, DVDs, art books, and more. Contains 5 films from 2011-2020 produced by RG Miller, who continues to shoot DIY films on a super low budget. A DIY/Sci-Fi thriller using yourself, your friends, and figures◎

RG Miller has been making zero-budget "Internet Art Films" of unmatched zeal out of his home in Wichita, KS for decades. "Classic Parts" compiles the best of RG's action sci-fi thrillers starring himself, friends and action figures!

39 Minutes
Edition of 50 VHS / 50 DVD
Released June 2022

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