Somewhere Else
Somewhere Else
JP Enfant

Somewhere Else

Format: LP(Clear vinyl)

Label: Psychedelic Romance

Cat No: PSYROM001

オランダはアムステルダムのDJ・プロデューサーJP Enfant。JP Enfantと、アーティストのCuevawolfが運営する新興レーベル<Psychedelic Romance>からEPをリリース。癒しの周波数とされる”432Hz”を基準にした音楽を発信する事を掲げている<Psychedelic Romance>からのフィジカル第一弾。癒しの周波数によるテクノ・トランス。

The Psychedelic Romance experience is birthed, combining future-facing electronic music, art and healing. The venture is a collaboration between former Trouw & De School resident JP Enfant, energy practitioner & artist Cuevawolf and artist & label manager Maren Monika Brombeiss. It will offer an immersive sensory experience to its audience via an event series and label, with music produced at 432hz, a frequency known to uplift emotional wellbeing.

The label strand of Psychedelic Romance comes to life via JP Enfant’s ‘Somewhere Else EP’, a veritable musical Rubik’s Cube encompassing techno, ambient and bass. The five-track work includes a remix of lead track ‘Muzieklokaal’ from Bristol’s acclaimed experimental producer LCY, who reworks the playful original into a dynamic pastiche of industrial breaks and techno.

Dubbed a “local legend” of the Amsterdam scene by RA, JP Enfant has built up a credible reputation with gigs across Europe including Berghain, Melt Festival and fabric. His nuanced approach to techno has seen releases on Planet X, a.r.t.less and DGTL Records. He explains the state-of-flow he reached when creating the ‘Somewhere Else’ EP:

"When I made the tracks, I intentionally worked in certain scaling and with specific intervals that are connected to the first phase of the cycle: birth. However, working in a certain scale doesn't give you the result if the intention is not set. I deliberately pre-meditated on the feeling I wanted to bring across in the music to gear up my subconscious. When I sat down to make the music, I went in with a flow state of being, which enabled me to let go of the conscious intention and just let the music flow out. It's this childlike curiosity that pushes you to places you wouldn't have expected to go, which are 9/10 much more interesting than the places you go in the conscious intentional process.”

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