Transferencia Electrónica
Buen Clima

Transferencia Electrónica

Format: 12"

Label: Peach Discs

Cat No: PEACH012

Shanti Celeste and Gramrcy’s Peach Discs is delighted to kick-off a busy 2022 with a five-track EP from one of our favourite new artists. buen clima’s Transferencia Electrónica is an exploration into pared-down dance music, where interlocking rhythms, percussive synthesis and quasi-looping delays meet to form smooth, efficient and pointed club tracks.

In his own words:
“Stylistically the tracks on this EP owe a lot to the great Black musicians from Chicago and Detroit, namely Herbie Hancock, Mr. De', DJ Rashad, Lil' Louis, Frankie Knuckles, James Stinson and Gerald Donald. I feel like the EP is kind of a love letter to the styles they pioneered, done in my own way, which in turn has been influenced by my background in classical music and improvised music but also so, so heavily by my friends and teachers: I've learned so much just from interacting, working and just plain witnessing eggglub, Lorelei, Maxi Cat, il sentimento, Hola Papá/Annunaki, Lavina Yelb, Jean Pierre Karich, Jorge Pepi, and the whole music scene I belong to in Santiago.”

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