Bela Fantasia
Bela Fantasia
The Zenmenn

Bela Fantasia

Format: 7"

Label: Music From Memory

Cat No: MFM057

About MFM057 The Zenmenn say:

“Bella Fantasia and Topaz 2 are two uncut gems that we couldn't quite fit on the record. In the last couple of days before the deadline, we were tripping a little bit that Topaz was no good, so we tried to do it in a different way and came out with this more melancholy vocal version, looking back at the small moments from a past relationship that somehow slipped away. We kept both versions in the collection.”

“For Bella Fantasia we were finding it funny to have this vocal using Ben's extremely limited Italian vocabulary, but after a while of it being a joke, it slowly settled into just being what it is. An angelic female voice seemed like it would fit in well, so we called up our dear friend Kari K and she flew in on gossamer wings to take care of the job like a real professional sent directly from beyond the pearly gates. In the final seconds of the song, much like Indiana Jones reaching back in the nick of time to snatch his hat from beneath the closing temple door, Magnus heroically managed to squeeze in a quick reference to the late great George Michael – R.I.P. Hopefully his estate never finds out about this.”

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