Dissolution -yokai-
Dissolution -yokai-

Dissolution -yokai-

Format: 12"(sideA:33rpm/sideB:45rpm)+DL

Label: Beer & Records

Cat No: BRB-07

Introducing a 12" from Tokyo-based <Beer & Records> that is full of immersive sensation that hits well with soft blows◎

This is DDM (DANGEROUS DANCE MUSIC) disguised as a chill-out rave performed by mermaid.
A suite-like SIDE A consisting of the enveloping tune "ghost love" echoing with howls, the Akesuke dub techno "ai no ko", and the ancient delusional electronica "dissolution". SIDE B includes the emotionally explosive freaky minimal "bonita" and Kuknacke's groovy remix of the track (awesome!!). I think I've drifted into a feeling that goes beyond the oriental worldview of "harmony and peace."
This is the first 12" EP in the history of my career. Please do it. Ride On!
(mermaid / Beer & Records)

Ross Upson? DDM (DANGEROUS DANCE MUSIC) members whose live act after the 2022 annual chart presentation was very impressive! mermaid is finally releasing an analog 12-inch!!! From a chill rave track with a pleasant wave sound that created the most impressive spatial zone during the above live, to a DDM track that uses my own voice (a little The A-side of ``Hair Stylistics flavor!?'' and the GO TO MELT B-side also include a remix of ``Melt'' with the Kuknacke section in full swing! 2023 must-have DDM mistake NAS!!!
(Keiji Yamabe / Los Apson?)

DDM (DANGEROUS DANCE MUSIC) is a movement that spread from the epicenter of the legendary 'Los Apson?' record store in Tokyo, Japan. It is a freaky, fetishistic, imagination-driven dance music project.<br>"Dissolution" ( that means "melting" in English) is produced by mermaid, a member of DDM, under the theme of "DDM disguised as a chill-out rave".<br>Side A is a suite of songs consisting of "ghost love," an enveloping tune, "ai no ko," an uninhibited dub techno piece, and "dissolution," an electronica piece that fantasizes about the ancient times.<br>Side B contains a freaky minimal "bonita" bursting with emotion, and a weird grooving remix by Kuknacke, participating in DDM as well as mermaid.

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