XKatedral Anthology Series II
Various Artists

XKatedral Anthology Series II

Format: 2LP(Orange)

Label: XKatedral

Cat No: XK23

A compilation work released by the Stockholm-based deepest experimental music label <XKatedral> run by Kali Malone and Maria W. Horn. Contains works created between 2018 and 2020 by Kali Malone, Jessica Ekomane, Mats Erlandsson, Theodor Kentros, Wilma Hultén, and Maria W Horn. Kali Malone sings "Rose Wreath Crown" from the pipe organ drone masterpiece 'The Sacrificial Code' released in 2019. Arranged with double bass and signature music. J A dazzling digital drone using Max/MSP by essica Ekomane, utilizing chord inversions with electronically processed zither long tones. Mats Erlandsson's drone. Theodor Kentros is an electro-acoustic piece that combines Buchla 200e and wind instrument recordings. Maria W Horn records a live performance with four vocalists, in addition to her own electronics and glass, featuring Wilma Hultén's digital feedback and a slow, booming drone using SuperCollider. Photographs, logos, and art direction Kali Malone's sleeve was designed by Stephen O'Malley, who is well-known for leading the doom metal band Sunn O))) and <Ideologic Organ>

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