Wet Silk EP
Wet Silk

Wet Silk EP

Format: 12"(45rpm)

Label: Mixed Signals

Cat No: MS06

A work by the duo of New York-based producer Lamar Thomas, who was active in the 70s and 80s, and his partner Judy Taylor, managed by Brandon Hocura of the Ontario-based label <Séance Center> and Henry Jones of <Smiling C>. A work reissued in 2021 by the dance music label <Mixed Signals> . A total of 3 songs including "Let Me Do You Baby" with a nice, bouncing guitar and synth on a thick TR-808 beat, and a dubious vocal, and a dub house mix of "You Want My Love" by Shelly PearseIf produced by Thomas & Taylor. 12"◎

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