Tsurezuregusa Super Selection
Various Artists

Tsurezuregusa Super Selection

Format: CD

Label: Like A Dreaming Girl Records

Cat No: - LADG-013

The popular mixtape series Tsurezuregusa from <Like A Dreaming Girl Records> is now available on CD. The first half is Japanese bossa, and the second half is Japanese big band, creating a compilation of exquisite sounds with a tremendous atmosphere. This time again, a reliable selection of songs by Moro Sato. The insert includes trendy short stories. It is essential to immerse yourself in this worldview with your eyes, ears, imagination, and memory. The most conceptual mix CD◎

...After such an exchange, we drove to Otaru.

"No way. I forgot the Tsurezuregusa cassette tape."
"You're always a trespasser."
"That's fine. Because I like it."
“The next Tsurezuregusa will be released on CD.”
"Yes, CD. Isn't it funny? Cats and ladles are all CDs."
"A CD? I wonder if you can rent it at your regular Blockbuster?"

"I don't know. But I'm planning on buying the next one."

"Tsurezuregusa Super Selection"

Supervision/Moro Sato
Short Story/𝑀𝒾𝓃𝒶𝓂𝒾

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