Tuning to Hear
Iwamura Ryuta

Tuning to Hear

Format: CS

Label: fete musique

Cat No: BRISE-06 / FETE-010

A spin-off of Raining to Hear, released in 2020 by pianist Iwamura Ryuta. A beautiful melody with just the right amount of emotion and a gentle tuning noise that makes this song extremely comfortable. Artwork is by Noritake◎


Tuning to Hear.
His act of searching for frequencies that match music,
Another circuit other than the radio,
Get in touch with his inner circuitry,
It seems like this is a task to maintain mental balance.

``Listening to music with the sound of rain in the background.
And again, I listen to the sound of rain with music in the background.”
Created with the motif and released in 2020.
The work "Raining to Hear".
It is also a spin-off of "Raining to Hear".
The work I can say is "Tuning to Hear".

layered with piano music
A ripple-like noise like the sound of rain,
Shortwave radio tuning noise.
Iwamura Ryuta uses shortwave radio in this work.
It is used as a "noise generator".

Physical release is cassette tape only.
Tuning noise heard from radio cassette player
The listener's modesty of listening carefully.
Through eccentric behavior,
This work is complete.

Turn the radio tuning dial randomly
Various variations of tuning noise are generated.
Noise is not specific to each frequency;
It's not reproducible.

Weather conditions such as rainfall, snowfall, and wind;
time of day, antenna direction, indoor noise sources,
Due to a combination of complex conditions such as the distance between the body and the radio,
"Tones" that occur by chance
It might be okay to say that.

Designed by Ryuta Iwamura
Noritake, which handles many products, is in charge.

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