The Night of Power (Laylatu'l Qadri)
The Night of Power (Laylatu'l Qadri)
Abdur Razzaq & Rafiyq

The Night of Power (Laylatu'l Qadri)

Format: LP

Label: Séance Center

Cat No: 27SC

The 1983 spiritual electric jazz piece has been reissued by <Séance Center> in Toronto, Canada, after 40 years. Recorded on the night of Ramadan in 1982 at the home studio of Dennis Matthews (credited here as Abdur Razzaq). Home-recorded sound that now has a vintage feel, using Fender Rhodes, Minimoog, and Roland's CR-78 rhythm machine. An endless session with a drum machine, poetry, new age ~ A piece that leads to spiritual depth◎

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