Tableros - A4
Silvia Ferpal

Tableros - A4

Silvia Ferpal is a graphic designer and artist based in Madrid. Printed by <Raum Press> based in Salamanca, Spain, published by small publisher <ARAÑA> in Madrid. 4 color lithograph.

In the series Tableros, the Madrillian artist Silvia Ferpal investigates the information that things provide and different options for displaying data through small gestures, full of subtleties.

In a plastic way, he develops 5 pieces, a kind of artifacts that function as games without instructions, using torn geometric shapes, thus turning them into amorphous ones, which rest on perfectly delimited grids.
This series of games without rules allows the spectator to recreate themselves in the aesthetics and the mathematics, as well as to invent his own norms of the game.

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