TPPCVC Crew Sweat Shirts
TPPCVC Crew Sweat Shirts
TPPCVC Crew Sweat Shirts

TPPCVC Crew Sweat Shirts

Collaboration item between Can Can Press , a Mexico City-based creative studio that prints and publishes risographs and silkscreens, FIFTH (Nakameguro), KIOSCO (Koenji), and OVEN UNIVERSE◎


The Trans-Pacific Partnership for Conservation of Visual Culture was created to convey the importance of creative energy and friendship.

It means a "community" that brings together artists and designers from all over the world to have conversations and exchange ideas.

This cross-border project is built on a shared passion for design and a diverse mix of cultures.

This design combines chic design elements from the Soviet era, inspiration from Russian Constructivism, and Japanese "Kawaii" elements to create something more unique than any particular style.

TPPCVC is a foundation for creativity born between Japan and Mexico.

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