The long-awaited book TMI by charismatic Rikimaru Yamazuka, a generation waiting for instructions, is now back in stock. There are columns, comics, novels, poems, movies, music, recommended YouTube videos, and more. A crystal book filled with tips for a healthy life. Total number of characters: over 110,000 characters, 108 pages.

All text written independently, total number of characters exceeds 110,000! The first issue of an information-filled magazine published by SF (SoulFul) author Rikimaru Yamazuka after his retirement. In addition to review guides on various fields such as movies, music, literature, manga, and YouTube, there are also columns, one-shot comics, poems, a special feature on Repizen Tanukikoji's hip-hop crew Chuka Ichiban, and a short story called ``My Incorrect Tokyo.'' , ``Watching a Movie'' is included, and the first collection of over-the-top and noisy stuff that will make you feel like a drug in your brain every time you turn the page.

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