Format: CD

Label: Beer & Records

Cat No: BRBM-05

``This vehicle mix, which is just the sound of a motorcycle, is packed with various emotions, and the temptation and trial of the machine sound come together.'' (Taro Nijikama)

Beer & Records reissues "rev" released on CD-R in 2017 by FORESTLIMIT's label "grayfield" based in Hatagaya, Tokyo!! Collecting motorcycle sound CDs and records, watching at racetracks and field -This work by Ritsuko Sakata, who has also been passionate about recording, sounds like a cool embodiment of a freedom session using hardware synths and human dynamism.

Obsessed with world music from countries such as Brazil, Taiwan, and the Dominican Republic, and known for his discoveries, the fruit of his many years of pursuit is now here! Text published by Nijikamataro.

(Beer & Records)

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