Tom Recchion


Format: LP+7"

Label: Elevator Bath

Cat No: eeeaoa037

Wonderful, he has collaborated with many great people such as Keiji Haino, David Toop, and Christian Marclay who performed in Sapporo in 2017, and is also a member of the legendary music group LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society). Renowned musician Tom Recchion's solo album is now available on <Elevator Bath>, which releases deep and artistic sounds from Texas !! The theme of this work is the doppelganger published in 1839 by 19th century novelist Edgar Allan Poe. It was created for the work ``Invisible Glass'' created by Janie Geiser, the leading American avant puppet theater artist, based on ``William Wilson''. It looks like an artwork that reflects the floating smoke, and the mysterious ambience that you can't grasp is a piece that gives you a sense of eeriness and beauty◎eeaoa037

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