shape of raw to come LP
shape of raw to come LP
the hatch

shape of raw to come LP

Format: LP

Label: 13th month

Cat No: JSGM-055

Highly recommended. finally, The second album "shape of raw to come", which was released on September 7, 2022 on a CD with special packaging, has been made into an analog version. This is a must-have item that includes a CD with carefully packaged packaging that increases its value, and an LP that can be enjoyed with analog sound.

In today's world, where existing values ​​are in turmoil and people are searching for new landmarks, he created ``shape of raw to come'' with the theme of what is truly living expression that is unaffected by commercials.

The ferocity of the previous work has been translated into a variety of dance music, and the intricately layered lyrics of unknown landscapes demonstrate that this work is not just a genre, but radical music that is the true meaning of alternative rock. It's proven.

Recorded with Yu Kimijima of Tsubame Studio as recording and mixing engineer.
The artwork was directed by YOSHIROTTEN based on Taro Mizutani's photographs and BIEN's drawings.

recording at Tsubame Studio
mix&mastering engineer: Yui Kimijima
Photo: Taro Mizutani

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