Music of Liberation
Music of Liberation
Bob Bellerue

Music of Liberation

Format: 2LP

Label: Elevator Bath

Cat No: eeeaoa048

New York noise artist Bob Bellerue, who also releases works on <iDEAL Recordings>, has released a 2-disc set of noise drone works from Texas' deepest center <Elevator Bath> . A work dedicated to Z'EV, an icon in the industrial world who was a friend and collaborator of Bob Bellerue, who unfortunately passed away in 2017. Contains four works, ranging from a wall of sound-like noise drone to a track featuring metal percussion. Playback and recording in a high-ceilinged room made of old marble and lime at the Issue Project Room, an art spot in New York where Bob Bellerue works. Adds dimension and depth to a mono sound source. This is a song that you want to listen to as if you were bathing in it◎

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