Lunchmeat Magazine #11
Lunchmeat Magazine #11
Lunchmeat Magazine #11
Lunchmeat Magazine #11
Lunchmeat Magazine #11

Lunchmeat Magazine #11

Launched in 2008, an independent magazine with a passionate VHS spirit that focuses on culture such as VHS and video shops. LUNCHMEAT MAGAZINE is now in stock◎

LUNCHMEAT MAGAZINE is back with a brand new issue jam-packed with 64 pages of pure VHS-obsessed content!

LUNCHMEAT #11 Features:

    • Reviews of radical cult classics and obscurities only available on VHS
    • An in-depth interview with Mike Savino and Mark Veau about their SOV classics Attack of the Killer Refrigerator and The Hook of Woodland Heights
    • An incredible convo with Asbestos Felt about his experiences filming Killing Spree, Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness , and more
    • An illuminating interview and history with brilliant feminist filmmaker and creator of Possibly in Michigan Cecelia Condit
    • An all-new installment of ANALOGTISING featuring a deeper dive into the AUDIO / VIDEO PLUS archive of amazing video store promo items
    • Animation from the Abyss: Stop-Motion Mania
    • VHSealing the Deal: The Curious Phenomenon of Collecting Sealed Videocassettes
    • A History of Video Violence with director Gary Cohen
    • A Perpetual Celebration of Halloween in The Haunted World of Rich Hanf
    • Just Gim'me Some Action: Director John Stewart Recalls the Making-of Action USA
    • Pause and VHSearch with Uncle Clutch
    • Cracking Open the VIDEO OYSTER: A Look at VHS Collecting Culture in the 90s
    • It's VHScience! Understanding Mold: The what's, how's, why's, do's and don'ts
    • Strange but True: The Blockbuster Kidprint Video

64 pages. Perfect Bound. Full-color covers. Black and white interiors.

This is the first press limited to 1000 copies worldwide.

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