Various Artists


Format: LP+Spell Card Set

Label: Séance Center

Cat No: 30SC-LTD

A compilation work that includes 8 spell cards inspired by tarot cards and an LP released in 2021 by the Ontario-based label <Séance Center> , Canada. Including salt paintings by musician and artist Benjamin Kilchhofer and recipes by Yu Su, cards that can be interpreted in a wide range of ways as musical scores such as collages and poems, and music works corresponding to each card created by Tomoko Sauvage, Félicia Atkinson, CR Gillespie, and others. . It's a work with great content and a fun concept◎

Track List:
1. Tomoko Sauvage - Salt Spell (spell by Benjamin Kilchhofer)
2. Museum Of No Art - Textile Trance (spell by Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh)
3. Gavilán Rayna Russom - Shadows Cast By Moonlight (spell by Dani Spinosa)
4. Félicia Atkinson - Enter The Memory of a Crow (spell by David Horvitz)
5. CR Gillespie - Invitation To A Clog (spell by Andrew Zukerman)
6. Idris Rahman - incanti jazz score 1 (spell by bill bissett)
7. Scott Gailey - Ginger Soy Milk Pudding 喜撞 benefit (spell by Yu Su)
8. Beverly Glenn-Copeland - a spell for the present moment (spell by adrienne maree brown)

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