Hyakunin Isshu
Hyakunin Isshu
Hoshina Anniversary

Hyakunin Isshu

Format: 12"

Label: Patience

Cat No: PTNC-007
Hoshina Anniversary_Hyakunin Isshu_Feeling chart Released on labels such as <ESP Institute> and <Youth> , he is known for his style that fuses Japanese sounds and electronics, and has appeared on Tokyo-based DJ/producer Hoshina Anniversary and New York-based long concept label <Patience> . The A-side “Karakurenaini” has a simple structure centered on four-on-the-floor and arpeggios, but the tones change one after another, and the scenery changes in a fun way.The B-side has a slow tempo and mysterious development, with the feeling of being forced into something exciting and breaking out. ``KIRIGIRISU''. A nice long piece that makes the most of simple phrases on both sides. This piece fits perfectly with the artwork of Swiss artist Luca Schenardi.

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