Yama Yuki/ Darisbo/ Crise Vitória


Format: CS

Label: Fort Evil Fruit

Cat No: FEF106

Yama Yuki, a sound artist born in Japan and based in São Paulo, Brazil, who has released cassettes on <Takuroku> by the London hot spot Cafe Oto and the hot French label <Good Morning Tapes> , is now releasing music on the Irish underground label< From Fort Evil Fruit>!!! From improvisational performances by Guilherme Darisbo, who runs the São Paulo-based label <> that focuses on improvisation, noise, drone, etc., and noise musician Crisse Vitória, to the Edo period painter 'Sengai'. I got a feel for Gibon's style and recorded their performances. This work "Gibon" was completed by adding effects and sounds with inspiration from 'Sengai Gibon' !!!! Changing scenery, a feeling of mist that is difficult to grasp, and a mysterious sound. Deep tape with nice layers◎

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