Flaming Swords
Flaming Swords
Fievel Is Glauque

Flaming Swords

Format: LP

Label: MATH Interactive

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A must-have item for every family. A very popular unit that also supported Stereolab's tour in 2022. Fievel Is Glauque is a unit centered around New York-based multi-instrumentalist Zach Phillips and Belgium-based vocalist Ma Clément . Following the compilation album God's Trashmen Sent to Right the Mess, which includes performances from 2018-2020, and the phantom 2022 album Aérodynes, the long-awaited new work is now available. This time, the sound source recorded live on August 29, 2021 is included. The sound takes a step away from existing genre concepts such as jazz, progressive rock, and avant-garde, and has a somewhat familiar feel to the recent viral jazz movement represented by DOMi & JD Beck and Louis Cole. As usual, it's one of those albums that doesn't have a lot of sense. Mixed by Ryan Power.

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