Fishy Tails
Fishy Tails
The Dead Goldfish Ensemble

Fishy Tails

Format: LP

Label: conatala

Cat No: conatala-003

Steve Hartwell, aka The Dead Goldfish Ensemble, a musician from Southampton, England, was inspired by Kraftwerk's Autobahn and began producing music in 1983 using sequencers and MSX computers, which can be considered the original music production computer. In 1993, he brought minimal music represented by Steve Reich and Philip Glass into the home recording environment, creating miniature garden-scale home-made music with mysterious polyrhythms that make you wander into a fantasy world, and a somewhat friendly and toyful melody that bounces innocently. It was produced in large quantities.

The background to this is that from the early 1980s to the early 1990s, cassette tapes were cheap to produce and the easiest way to increase production at home for DIY musicians who were producing music through independent labels and self-publishing. It also shows the production environment of the independent scene at the time. Various labels, mainly in Europe, America, and Japan, solicited songs for compilations, resulting in a huge number of cassette tapes being produced all over the world. Labels that bring together friends through personal contacts and reflect local characteristics have led to the formation of unique independent scenes and communities, while labels that have gathered music sources that transcend national borders have created talent from all over the world. He greatly contributed to introducing certain writers to the world.

Released several cassette tapes on his own label Peeved Records. In addition, there were compilations from labels such as Home Produkt (Belgium), Insane Music (Belgium), EE Tapes (Belgium), IRRE Tapes (Germany), and Tonspur Tapes (Germany), which introduced home recording artists from all over the world. Provides many songs.

This work is the first recorded work by The Dead Goldfish Ensemble, which is a compilation of songs selected from original works released during that period.

The jacket design was created by Yu Yokoyama based on the Goldfish motif created by Steve Hartwell himself. Makoto Oshiro mastered the sound source digitized from the original master tape.

Includes an insert with the URL where you can obtain the sound source data for The Dead Goldfish Ensemble's new work "Polonia."

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