Cold Clay From The Middle West
Cold Clay From The Middle West
Mister Water Wet

Cold Clay From The Middle West

Format: LP+DL

Label: Soda Gong

Cat No: SODA014LP

Kansas City-based producer Mister Water Wet, known for his releases on <West Mineral Ltd.> and <Lillerne Tape Club> , has joined the Ohio-based experimental music label <Soda Gong>, which has produced Atte Elias Kantonen and Broshuda. A work released by. Multi-instrumentalist William Yates (Memotone) from Bristol participated in three of the six songs on clarinet, keyboard, guitar, and banjo. Opening with the folky and psychedelic collage 'Cold Clay Suite', which is over 13 minutes long, it is an ambient to downtempo piece that accelerates the depth with the wide range of tones with the participation of Memotone.

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