Format: CD+CD-R

Label: HEADZ

Cat No: WEATHER 83 / HEADZ 260

Hokkaido-based SSW Tomoe Takizawa has released her first album in about 5 years. In addition to the simple song itself and good songwriting, this is an attractive alternative-folk piece with unexpected sounds sprinkled throughout. Comes with a bonus CD-R containing the unreleased song 'Kairn'◎

lyrics, compositions, vocals, guitars & production:Tomoe Takizawa
recording at outside|Soto(Kyoto):Kota Uematsu|Kota Uematsu(HEADZ)

recording at Nanashi | Nanahari (Tokyo), additional production, mixing & mastering: Taku Unami |
Taku Unami
drums & percussion:Itoken|Itoken(tracks 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 & 12)
erhu:Yuuki Yoshida(track 9)
flute:Wakana Ikeda (track 5)
chorus: Kenta Suzuki (track 8)
artwork:Ayaka Sanuki
design:Ryosuke Tanoue

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