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Sam Gendel


Format: CS

Label: Leaving Records

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Popular saxophonist Sam Gendel, who has a very prolific image, has released a new work on <Leaving Records> . This time we focus on Roland's electronic wind instrument AE-30, a work that has also been released as a documentary film by filmmaker Marcella Cytrynowicz. Cruising through the great outdoors of Iceland, a perverted performance unfolds in front of the spectacular scenery. Compared to his previous works, it's much more experimental and mysterious with a folky feel.

AE-30 is both a film and audio album of the 2021 Sam Gendel x Roland AE-30 / Aerophone / Pro Digital Wind Instrument documentary. In August, musician Sam Gendel and filmmaker Marcella Cytrynowicz traveled to Iceland and filmed Gendel performing the instrument in unique locations outdoors around the country - most locations remote and accessed only via their friend Viktor, a search-and-rescue volunteer for Iceland who expertly navigates the country's challenging terrain in his modified Toyota Land Cruiser. The full documentary film and audio companion album will be released December 8th 2021 via Leaving Records .

all sounds Sam Gendel
performed on Roland AE-30 Aerophone Pro Digital Wind Instrument

image Marcella Cytrynowicz

label Leaving Records

special thanks Viktor Einar Vilhelmsson

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