Frank Bretschneider


Format: LP + DL Code

Label: Faitiche

CatNo: fait-21LP
Frank Bretschneider_abtasten_halten_Feeling Chart Frank Bretschneider, a leading figure in the electronic audio world , has released a piece on <Faitiche> , which is sponsored by Jan Jelinek . This work was also part of the avant-garde electronic festival "Labor", which focused on modular synthesizers and was hosted by raster-media (rastermusic, raster-noton) in 2019. Random, unpredictable, non-repetitive percussive sound created by running a modular synthesizer using the ticking sound of a VU meter as the sound source. An experimental piece that is pleasant to listen to. In the video, he actually shows off a modular set that incorporates two VU meters, and plays while explaining it.

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