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Alexis Jamet & Manon Cezaro

A Special Request

A collaboration between Alexis Jamet, an artist who creates illustrations and animation based in Paris, France, and Manon Cezaro, who is also based in Paris. From <Look Back and Laugh>, a publisher run by Zoran Pungerčar , a graphic designer and artist based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and Jure Šajn , a multimedia designer also based in Slovenia .

Alexis Jamet is a graphic designer based in Paris. His work spans through many different forms, from unconventional graphic identities to recognizable blurry colorful illustration.

Manon Cezaro is a multidisciplinary artist working in the mediums of drawing, photography and installation. Lives and works in Paris and is also a member of Zuper Editions.

A Special Request is a fun experiment in the form of a short zine where both artists mixed their visual voices and merged them through a short story.

24 pages - 19.6x26cm

Six-colors riso printed

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