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morita vargas - 8 LP 裏
Morita Vargas


Format: LP

Label: Hidden Harmony Recordings

Cat No: HH03LP
morita vargas_8_feeling chart A 2020 work by Buenos Aires-based artist Morita Vargas on <Hidden Harmony Recordings> , which transmits a wide range of sounds from Estonia . The fantastic vocals with reverb and delay are impressive. A mysterious pop piece with indigenous and deeply immersive elements that uses exotic tones such as synthesizers, piano, and kalimba.

Born and raised in Argentina, Morita Vargas is an experimental artist and producer based in Buenos Aires. She manipulates her voice through reverbs, delays and whispers, singing in a self-invented 'language'. The sound of Morita's voice is a portal into her thriving, dreamlike world brimming, shimmering and beating with unrefined natural sensations which stimulate something primordial yet strangely contemporary.
As far back as 2014 she began work on her first productions - early sketches which later became the basis for '8'. It all started off as voice memos on her phone (recorded while roaming the streets and riding the trains of Greater Buenos Aires) Later on, Morita introduced various instruments into her vision: kalimba, harmonica, keyboard, flute, tambourine, chajchas, and cajón. Composed and performed from that period until its original release in 2018, '8' features 10 original voice-led compositions that in scope recall evocative portraits of synthesized landscapes and rainforests, attuned to a vibrant modern pulse and enchanting vocals. Morita Vargas “8” has achieved a kind of polyphonic soundscape which evokes unfamiliar realities through voyages within and between the realms of ambient and experimental music .
In numerology the number 8 symbolizes the transition between heaven and earth, the illumination of our infinite capacity for various metamorphoses. Tackling ideas of transformation, mutation, cyclical processes, death, creation, melancholy, and joy, the album you are holding is a monumental and deeply personal statement. You are invited to walk barefoot down the mystical path and indulge in the process of spiritual expulsion and renewal that is '8'. The path lies along the route of infinite meanings, somewhere on the border between dream and reality.

Nacida y criada en Argentina, Morita Vargas es una artista experimental y productora radicada en Buenos Aires. , brillante y palpitante, con sensaciones naturales sin refinar que estimulan algo primordial, pero extrañamente contemporáneo.
Ya en 2014 comenzó a trabajar en sus primeras producciones, primeros bocetos que luego se convirtieron en la base de '8'. Más tarde, Morita introdujo varios instrumentos en su visión: kalimba, armónica, teclado, flauta, pandereta, chajchas y cajón. Morita Vargas "8" os de la música ambiental y experimental.
En numerología, el número 8 simboliza la transición entre el cielo y la tierra, la iluminación de nuestra capacidad infinita para varias metamorfosis. es una declaración monumental y profundamente personal. Frontier entre el sueño y la realidad.

Morita Vargas – composer, producer, voices

Mastering - Diego Crisalida
Vinyl mastering, lathe cutting - Matt Colton (Metropolis Labs, London)

Recorded in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Recording period 2014-2018)

Cover photography (portraits of Morita Vargas) - Sergio Bosco
Cover photography (inner sleeve) - Morita Vargas
Cover design - Stassia Saromova
Layout - Ilja Tulit
Liner notes - Jess Goodrich, Arthur Shkolnik, Valentin Sitnyansky - in dialogue with Morita Vargas

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