That place
That place
GEZAN With Million Wish Collective

That place

Format: LP

Label: thirteen month

Cat No: JSGM-57

GEZAN has released his 6th album, about 3 years after his previous album 'KLUE', on his own label <Juzangatsu> . This work is Works by GEZAN With Million Wish Collective◎

NEW ALBUM “Anochi” under the name of GEZAN With Million Wish Collective, which made a spectacular debut at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2021. The most cutting-edge form of tribal punk, created with the theme of the unchangeable voices of humans in an era of digitalization and selection. This is an acoustic picture scroll that moves between fantasy and documentary, weaving together multiple layers such as circular chants and voices, and creating a uniquely seamless album that brings to light a living entity, ``that place.'' 6th FULL ALBUM after 3 years.
Izumi Kato's cover illustration flickers between the indigenous and the cosmic. Following on from the previous work, the recording & mixing engineer is Naoyuki Uchida, a master of the DUB world who also currently operates GEZAN's live performances, and this is one of the achievements of the current alternative that throws a counter to the chaotic times. .

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