Maxime Denuc


Format: LP

Label: Vlek

Cat No: VLEK36

ブリュッセル拠点の電子音楽家Maxime Denucが<Vlek>から2作目をリリース。ドイツ・デュッセルドルフにある聖アントニウス教会にあるmidi制御オルガンを用いて録音された、ドローン~アンビエント~ドラムレスのダブテクノまで。ハイテクxクラシカルxパーティという異色なようでまとまりのある、シンプルで奥深いサウンドスケープ◎

Nachthorn, for midi-controlled organ

Nachthorn takes its name from one of the 78 stops that make up the main organ in St. Antonius Church in Düsseldorf. This instrument, equipped with a system developed by the German company Sinua, offers the possibility of controlling all of its keyboards and timbres via a computer. The organ thus becomes a powerful synthesiser. This set-up allowed me to fulfil an old dream of mine : to create an entirely acoustic dance music piece with the organ as sole actor. Oscillating between dub techno, harmonic locked grooves or after-hours pop, Nachhorn proposes a hypnotic music piece whose lines sketch the outline of an imaginary warehouse.

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