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Overtone Ensemble


Format: CD

Label: Important Records

Cat No:  IMPREC489CD

12本のアルミの棒が垂直に並べられたフォルムのVibrissaと名付けられた自作楽器の演奏プロジェクトOvertone Ensemble!! Vibrissaに加えて、bowed piano,bowed guitarにティンパニなど使用。 ほとんどは天井が10メートル近くあるメルボルンの古いチャペルにて録音◎

Expanding from the instrumentation on their first album, these new recordings utilize Vibrissa instruments, plus a range of extended techniques on old instruments including timpani, bowed piano, bowed glockenspiel, bowed guitar as well as some new instruments like doppler rods and whirled tubes.

The majority of the recordings were done in the Old Chapel building in Melbourne, Australia. The chapel, formerly attached to the Old Melbourne Gaol boasts 10 metre high ceilings which added an enveloping acoustic ambience. At times it felt as though the spectral presences of former inmates were hovering benevolently in the rafters watching on.

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