Claptrap - Adulting LP


Format: LP

Label: Un Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi

Cat No: UJNSQ-037

Originally conceived by Eric Pasquereau (a member of the Colonie de Vacances, amongst other projects), the songs have been skilfully decomposed, twisted, disguised and recomposed with Julien Chevalier, Paul Loiseau and Vincent Robert (members of Borja Flames, La Terre Tremble !!! and Electric Electric). Claptrap have made up an unorthodox instrumentarium bridging an ancestral practice (mandolin, classical guitar, percussions…) with a futuristic chimera (modular synthesizers, rhythm boxes, electronic music…), a small electro-acoustic ballroom orchestra to shield oneself from vacuity.

Although the band had a few references in mind, like the tightrope experiments carried out by Franco Battiato, Arto Lindsay or Haruomi Hosono, Claptrap have a singular musical identity, each of their songs building a theatre for a play that shows the world in all its confusing presence and diversity.

All songs by Eric Pasquereau
Arranged, recorded and performed by Claptrap
Mixed by Patrice Guillerme, Eric Pasquereau and Vincent Robert
Mastered by Aigle Noir
Artwork and design by Geoffroy Pithon

Claptrap is Julien Chevalier, Paul Loiseau, Eric Pasquereau and Vincent Robert

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