The Look of Love Early Videos
The Look of Love Early Videos
Suzie Silver

The Look of Love Early Videos

Format: DVD

Label: Random Man Editions

ニューヨーク拠点のアートレーベル<Random Man Editions>から。80年代から活動するクィアパフォーマンス・ビデオアーティストSuzie Silverによる作品集。

Suzie Silver has been creating queer performance and video art for over two decades. A true tomboy and thrill-seeker from day one, her youth was spent dirt-biking through canyons and dancing in the gay/lesbian bars of Tijuana and San Diego. Her well-known early videos, A Spy and Freebird, emerged from her involvement with the cabaret performance art scene in Chicago in the late '80s and early '90s where artists mirrored daily life, pop culture, politics, globalization, and evolving post-AIDS concerns of gender, sex, and the body. All of Silver's work alludes to the capacity for desire to disrupt social boundaries and imagine new futures. 

Edition of 50 VHS / 50 DVD
38 minutes
January 2020

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